A boiled-down singularity of delight.

These are interesting times, and so, an update:

This week, I have finally received beautiful print copies of this here book –

Codu7aCWcAA-ylP.jpg large

It is a slightly surreal experience to see the product of your love, labour and commitment over many years to be condensed into a slab of glory. Nice to be able to wield it as proof that I’ve actually been doing something in the world. It reminds me of that Wonka machine that huffs and puffs and clanks and takes ages to produce just one tiny sweet, a boiled-down singularity of delight.

Also, content aside, it feels really nice. Wrecking Ball Press have excelled and put some real love into the production of this book. I have been stroking it in private. We’re running away together.

It is now listed in such lofty places as Waterstones, Amazon, Wordery – and more besides. It now comes up as top search in Google, overthrowing the weird, WereBear porn that inexplicably resulted from the term.

Several luminaries have had some kind words to say about the book – “Utterly magical”; “genuinely fresh, unafraid to tackle the unusual”; “a breath of fresh air for the fantasy genre”; and, check this shit -“THE BASTARD WONDERLAND might just be one of the great 21st century novels”. So there. But don’t just take my word for it – see the blog homepage for accreditation from some damn fine writers.

Also, even though the book isn’t officially published until the 22nd, I have been nominated and longlisted for The Guardian’s Not The Booker Prize. If you fancy yourself as a reviewer, you can contact Wrecking Ball Press for an advance copy – you’ve only got until the 14th August to vote, but failing that, a review elsewhere would be swell. You can blog, Tweet, do a Goodreads review, etc. Every little helps. Even if you want to slate it. I don’t mind. A few one star reviews make things more organic.

As I say. Interesting times. Onward!

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2 Responses to A boiled-down singularity of delight.

  1. I’m so chuffed for you. Years of sweating, gnashing teeth, sobbing into an A4 Pukka Pad, staring at the dust particles floating in the middle distance of a sunny room, wrestling with your inner self and getting him into a Camel Clutch, for this pocket monolith of adventure! I salute you so hard I’ve embedded my hand into my skull.

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