This week, in the lifelong buildup to publication of THE BASTARD WONDERLAND in June, I went to have an author photograph done by local photographer Richard Steadman, so that my mug can be on press releases and blogs like this. Make me look authorial, I said. Capture my best side. Make it snazzy, I said, so as to distract from my dodgy writing. And so I sashayed around against a backdrop of urban post industrial decay for a bit.

And here it is:

main-qimg-575a5c44b2a059fbbb1298ac45beceddNo, here it is.

The Authorial Lee Harrison

The Authorial Lee Harrison

See me loitering in a fading industrial past, whilst looking wistfully into an uncertain future – a bit like what the book does, and that! See me, sagaciously looking at a bit of shit on the wall! I thought I might try and smoulder a bit, like one of those perfumed ponces of off adverts, but It didn’t work. This was as smouldering as I could manage.

I like it a lot. I would like to thank Mr. Richard Steadman for his very professional work, and I have to say, it was a pleasure to see someone so enthusiastic and keen on what they do, even despite the bitter cold blasting off the Humber of a Sunday morning.

You can find more of his work, and contact him on Facebook.

So that’s my mug sorted. Next – a cover!


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