A Development

You may recall i mentioned a development

There i was, slowly re-editing my novel, blogging as i went, bit by bit, steeling myself for forthcoming Self publication, when one of my submission attempts came up with something. Lo and behold, for the first time ever, a real live literary agent wants to see the full thing!

Strike a light!

I hastily dusted it off and sent it. I even pulled out another work in progress and began on that, so as not to worry myself about the probable failure of this latest bite.

And yet – lo and behold – i discover that the agent quite likes it – but with some reservations. There’s a lot to love, he says, but basically, it won’t sell. Would you be willing to discuss more work on it? Yes, i bloomin’ would, i says (i don’t know why but the experience seems to have brought the Dickensian cockney out in me), and now i’ve got an appointment and allsorts.

Lawks! Lumme!

It’s strange how a development like this utterly spins your point of view on the whole thing. One moment you’re finalising, confirming the final details of your story with a fine toothed comb. Those thoughts about about marketing, kindle formatting, what cover you’re going to have are all rising in your mind. You have baked a cake. it is a multi tiered, ornately iced wonder. It is on the table, decorated and lined up next to the flowers and napkins and ready for the guests. Then you get feedback from a distinguished figure who picks up on some aspect you never really thought of and tells you it ought to be changed. Suddenly the table collapses. You grab great fistfuls of the shattered cake, you kick it across the room. It is appalling and exciting all at once. There is the aching sensation of achievement cut with the firm awareness of hard work and potential failure ahead.

Crikey! Gordon Bennett!

I will go and meet with the distinguished figure, and we will see…

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