Cut to the Chase


Atrocity cues 2nd lead to dive into status quo ruining mischief and escapades with oddball old friend. Mr. Protag has to traipse across country seeking to drag him out of trouble, only to realise that said Old Friend is the very figure from his own nightmares. Old Friend gets everyone into trouble with lunatic obsession, causing 2nd Lead to ask himself what he’s really fighting for, whilst a kind of Mexican stand off ensues between the three as Mr. Protag finally confronts his demons.

In short, it’s the ending.

A bit of a jump in chapters there, you’ll notice. Quite what reflections i had on line editing this last section are a bit of a blur now, because, well, there’s been a little bit of a development. This goes against the whole concept of this blog run, which was supposed to be a little at a time reflection on the ‘finished’ text. But see, there was this development

I’m hoping there might be something substantial to blog about shortly, for good or ill.

Editing Notes: Smooth and polish, etc. Continuity of those key foreign phrases, some discarded, others firmly established.

Keyword style impressions: Is it all worth it? Bitter victory, bite-marks and dead birds,unexpected Jerkathon, abrupt suicide,fireworks in a forest, scripture proving my madness,the Good the Bad and the Ugly,Chinese lanterns,Pig’s head,Home Brew,If it bleeds we can kill it,i hate them but they’ve got me over  a barrel,You can’t always get what you want/but if you try sometimes, you’ll get what you need

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