The View from the Underworld

(34-36 of 65) Okay, we’re here, ready to start the thread that will lead through to The End. Our struggling heroes find themselves lumped together, doomed to a destiny of…street cleaning.

But it’s a foreign sort of street, an interesting one, i hope, with an odd, Karmic motivation for the cleaners that our Main Protag bangs his head against. Here we see relationships take off properly, basically built on winding one another up. Our Main Protag sets his chuntering on breaking the others resolve, but begins to see his own undermined.

I indulge myself with a many a vista – you can’t beat a good scene setting vista. There are probably too many, but i’m leaving them.

Editing Notes: The usual cut-and-streamline. I can’t shake the suspicion that these three chapters might be too long and repetitive, but but can’t seem to muster the spite to murder my darlings. I’m calling them ‘character development.’

Keyword style impressions: View from the underworld, Karmic madness, Dead cat and rotten cabbage, piss-and-vinegar, winding one another up, i-could-murder-a-smoke

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