Loss of nerves

Hero is captured by enemy, (our second lead), who comandeers others to escort the prisoner. However, second lead is two chips short of a bag and his grip on authority leaves something to be desired. Being outcast, Character 2 soon finds more sympathy in his prisoner than in his peers, and starts to lose his nerve…

Whilst this happens, writer loses his nerve a bit, struggles with the limited time available and his familiarity with the text tempts him to rush, to think that it’ll do and that he shoudl deal with that bit in part three where it should be… etc. This is compounded by the fact that he has lost his USB with all the working files on, aiieee, etc.

<practical tip> Back up your work. Regularly. Don’t so much as breathe on the keyboard without backing up your work.</practical tip>

Anyway. Having escaped judgement, our protagonist is moving on to another set of difficulties, another world entirely. That’s if he survives the day.

Editing notes:  Some clumsy event continuity, the usual tidy and trim.

Keyword style impressions: More hot tropics. Indignation. Panic attacks. Swordplay, both crude and elegant. Did he really just do that? Last requests. City on a mountain in the jungle. I could murder a smoke.

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