Comedy Seppuku

33 of 65, and we’re just about halfway there!

Our protagonist is dragged back to the masters like a dead bird, and the masters are not impressed.

Prior to this editing pass, i recently rewrote this his scene. One of the things that flagged it to me was it was one that had quite a trope-y feeling about it. Disgraced/naughty hero goes before unforgiving tyrant/authority figure/council, etc. The original scene was just too much like a scene from a bad star wars movie, so i gave it a bit of spin. My main Protagonist is useful in that he could turn the most sombre of occasions into a redneck bar brawl, and yet he shows a rare shred of what might be decency, or might just be plain old pride. He certainly sees character 2 in a more sympathetic light through it. And so i hope to have turned a cliched sort of scene into an important, character building one.

Editing notes:

  • chapter 33 was a little too long, so split it, wrote it to a sort of Dan dan Daaahhh!!!-ish cliffhanger before carrying straight on with it in a second.

Keyword style impressions

  • shame, exile, relegation
  • Ominous bad guy
  • blossom, silk and posture
  • Foreign philistine
  • comedy seppuku
  • Orientation exercises: Getting duffed up
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