Crossing the Threshold

You’re never really out there,  ‘on an adventure’, like, until you meet a monster. Until you see something that you know can’t be real, except for the fact that you know it is. Whether you’re in your own attic, or on some far flung orient, this moment tells you more than mileage that you’re not in Kansas anymore.

So we come to part two, picking up where our protagonist left off with some high altitude action to keep him on his toes. In the old and oft cited schemata of stories laid out by Joseph Campbell (used in Star Wars, as everyone knows), meeting the guardian of the threshold is a crucial, testing moment for the hero. In this case, i hope its not a testing moment for the reader, as we haven’t had anything quite so fantastical happen thus far, but hopefully, you’d be sucked in by now, and i should say, when i use the word fantastical, i don’t mean wizards and goblins and dragons. I mean something unusual. And what’s more, this is not an action filler, random encounter type of adversary –  our guilt ridden hero is now left wondering if he has come to some sort of judgement.

A lot of editing for such a dinky chapter, but it’s one that has to have momentum.

Editing details:

  • Cut down on description of the beast – keep it nebulous.
  • Tidying and rearranging lines.
  • cut unnecessary words

Keyword style Impressions: Storm, seasickness and bones, heart pounding, Not in Kansas, Oh Shit…

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1 Response to Crossing the Threshold

  1. One Eye says:

    Nebulous is one of my most favoured words.

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