I’m not a big fan of prologues, as such – why not just start the story, already? – but i can be partial to a nice interlude. In the preceding 21 chapters we’ve met our main protagonist, seen his situation and background, and watched him get himself into a bit of a fix, before building to a climactic crisis point where he really buggers things up.

So, to let all that sink in a bit, it’s a good time to duck out and have a change. It also serves to introduce the second lead character just ahead of his meeting with the first, and by inserting it here, it cuts down on the amount of backstory i have to do later on. I also foreshadow the foreign climate/culture that my protagonist is heading for.

Editing details:

  • Elected to re-insert brief, previously removed flashback scene in which sinister mentor figure introduces hero’s ordeal. He’ll be back later, so i figured it might be nice to get him in early. Also, he’s cool, and represents an interesting contrast with our panicky lead, and I managed to cut it down to 300 words or so, so it’s not too much of a slog.
  • Tidying and rearranging lines.
  • Clarifying use of names for continuity(because technically, they change after this scene).

Keyword style Impressions: This chapter is dark and humid, violent, haphazard, sweaty and highly strung.

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2 Responses to Interlude

  1. One Eye says:

    I actually quite like prologues, so long as they are appropriate to the tale. That’s probably just from having read books with them when growing up.

    The interlude sounds like it will fit well into your narrative though, without too much temporal jiggery-pokery.

    • I also associate prologues with childhood reading, and despite what i say above, i thought they were really cool. I think its kind of a writing, rather than a reading preference.

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